014: Unstuffing the dining room

January 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Buried under all that stuff is a dining room, a room in which we have, in the past, shared some wonderful meals… but not recently. I’m ready for that to change, so today I took a first pass at clearing out the space.

Some of the stuff cluttering up this room was canning equipment and supplies that just needed to be moved to their proper places in the kitchen or the basement. However, much of the stuff was ripe for unstuffing.

On their way to someone else’s house (51):

  • 5 vases
  • 2 mugs
  • 2 coasters
  • 2 trivets
  • 5 Chinese soup spoons
  • 5 Chinese condiment dishes
  • 23 small toys and decorative objects
  • bathroom scales
  • picture frame
  • candleholder
  • small food processor
  • folding travel clock
  • bicycle seat
  • bicycle tire pump

Relocating to my office (26):

  • 25(!) red pencils of various lengths (like the butter paper, spoils of the office that closed)
  • large roll of drawings from my last project

Recycling (22):

  • 16 road maps (including the AAA Texas and Southwestern United States maps that Paul and I used to drive from Houston to the Bay Area when I moved there in 1996)
  • 2 boxes of business cards from a previous workplace
  • 1 grocery bag full of deflated plastic air cushion packing material
  • 3 large cardboard boxes, one filled with packing paper

Trash (16):

  • 15 dead pens
  • 1 piece of molded plastic that neither of us could identify

That’s 115 items leaving our dining room today. (And that’s really not all. I’m saving some for tomorrow.)


010: Santas

January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have nothing against Santa Claus. In fact, I’m rather fond of the old elf, in some of his incarnations. However, these four jolly guys (there’s a small one on the tree) don’t appeal to me. I’m sure someone will enjoy them… maybe you?

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