Game ends… and begins again.

October 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

One month ago, I started playing this game to jump start my stalled unstuffing. Since then, I’ve gotten rid of (more than!) 496 things. Some of them were at Mom’s house, but I helped her get rid of them, so I’m counting them, too.

After returning home from Houston, I needed something easy for the last three days of the month, so I continued my ongoing war on the paper that’s trying to take over our house.

Days 29-31: Magazines and holders
81 magazines, to be exact, and 9 cardboard magazine holders (4 still in their package), for a total of 90 items the last three days of the month. I went all around the house and collected magazines… magazines in magazine holders, magazines on bookshelves and stacked on tables. This is all of the magazines that aren’t either from this year or part of two sets (American Bungalow and Cooks Illustrated) that I’ve collected over several years. (Those sets will probably go soon. I just need to look at some of them first.) These are mostly foodie, gardening and design magazines, with a few odds and ends (Consumer Reports, my alumni magazine, AARP (!), etc.) that we usually recycle pretty quickly.


And guess what? Even with ~500 things gone this month, we STILL have too much stuff in our house. So I’m going to do this again in November. Anyone want to join me?



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