Game Days 22-28

October 29, 2013 § Leave a comment

I was in Texas October 23-27 seeing family and helping Mom with some household stuff, so I did days 23-27 of the game there. On several days, far more than the requisite number of items were purged, so the total for the week is higher than 175 items.

Day 22: Shredder and shredding
The old shredder mentioned in last week’s post (Day 21), as well as a 3″ stack of old documents (way more than 21 items!) turned into bits by the new shredder. Sorry, no photo.

Day 23: Paperwork
day23 Days 23 and 24 are items that were in a trunk that Dad brought home from the two years (1957-1959) he spent in the Navy, stationed on the Great Lakes. In a box with the many letters that my mother wrote to him (they’d been college sweethearts, and married a few months after his discharge) were a number of bank statements and old checks. One check had the notation, in his careful printing, “fine for speeding 72 mph in a 60mph zone.”

Day 24: Uniforms
day24 In the old trunk, 24 uniform pieces: 3 blouses/jackets, 3 trousers, 2 belts, 5 hats, tie tack, and 10 ensign’s bars.

Day 25: Toiletries
day25Old toiletries, razors, etc. from Mom’s guest bathroom.

Day 26: Hazardous!
day26We cleaned out the storeroom in Mom’s carport, which contained stuff from their two houses, plus some stuff that must have come from my father’s parents’ house. Lots of trash, a couple of trips to Goodwill, and 26+ containers of paint, cleaners and pesticides, including a bottle of Chlordane (banned in 1988!) to the hazardous waste disposal site.

Day 27: Electrical
day27My parents had all the switches, outlets and cover plates in their house replaced 25+ years ago… and kept this box of all the old stuff! 50+ outlets/switches and their cover plates to a building materials recycling center.

Day 28: Books
day28I got back home, and got rid of a few more books. Yes, I know I’ve done this several times before, but there are more to go.

The New York Times Manhattan Coloring Book
George Bain, Celtic Art: The Methods of Construction
William Bayer, Pattern Crimes
Robert Charles Bishop and Elizabeth Safanda, A Gallery of Amish Quilts
Norman Cantor and Harold Rabinowitz, The Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
Carol Doak, Easy Stash Quilts
David Gebhard et al, The Guide to Architecture in San Francisco and Northern California
Eve Kirschner Glasser, Orchids
Beth Gutcheon, The Perfect Patchwork Primer
Harper Reference, Seattle Access
Amanda Hesser, Cooking for Mr. Latte: A Food Lover’s Courtship, with Recipes
Malcolm Hillier, Book of Fresh Flowers
Margaret Hutchings, Teddy Bears and How to Make Them
Jocasta Innes, Decorating with Paint
Leslie Levine, Will This Place Ever Feel Like Home?
Donlyn Lyndon, City Observed: Boston
Ferenc Mate, The Hills of Tuscany: A New Life in an Old Land
Marsha McCloskey, Small Quilts
Robert McCrum et al, The Story of English
John Poppy, The Essential Women’s Health Guide 2001
Fleur Robertson, Irish Ballads
Charlotte Robinson, The Artist & the Quilt
Jaidi Nha Sandra, The Joy of Conversation
Dan Savage, The Kid: What Happened After My Boyfriend and I Decided to Go Get Pregnant
Penny Sparke et al, Design Source Book
Good Life Staff, Good Life San Francisco Restaurant Guide
James Wilson and Mike Smith, All About Herbs
Patricia Wyatt, Keepers of the Dream


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