Game Days 15-21

October 24, 2013 § 3 Comments

Blah blah blah 126 fewer things blah blah the game blah…
(Let’s just get on to the unstuffing, shall we?)

Day 15: Plastic drawer dividers
day15Fifteen snap-together plastic drawer dividers. They didn’t help me keep MY drawers organized.

Day 16: Old school records
day16A while back, my mother (who has been doing a fabulous job of decluttering my childhood home over the past couple of years) sent me a box of stuff from my childhood, including this book containing school records: 11 report cards, cards showing my preliminary and final class rank, the invitation and program from high school graduation (that’s 16), plus awards from junior high and high school, SAT scores, and college acceptance letters (another 16). Some to be scanned, then all recycled.

Day 17: Stuff on the basement stairs
day17 beforeThe basement stair in our 1908 house is open along one side. It’s easy to set things on the open ends of the steps, and lots of small clutter has collected there. I cleared the first five steps, which yielded: five drawer pulls (samples we decided not to use in our kitchen remodel six years ago), four cast iron coat hooks (removed during kitchen demo), three magnetic hooks (that were on the old refrigerator), and a kitchen drain assembly (that didn’t fit in the new kitchen sink). Also, three old glass medicine cabinet shelves and a shower head (replaced years ago with a more water-efficient one). Some other stuff was kept and relocated; then I vacuumed the steps. Clearing the rest of the steps will be another day.

Day 18: Cardboard boxes
day18Eighteen smallish cardboard boxes. (They must multiply down in the basement!)

Day 19: Architecture magazines
day19Nineteen architecture magazines, all from between 1997 and 2002. I think (hope!) these are the oldest magazines of mine in the house.

Day 20: Refrigerator clean-out
day20From the corners of the refrigerator: 13 jars of condiments/jam/pickles (oldest with expiration date 6/2009), tortillas, juice, half an avocado, 2 dried out ends of cheese, 2 bags each containing a few withered mushrooms. That’s 20.

The empty containers held old leftovers and new life forms that I decided not to share.

Day 21: Old documents
day21For over a decade, we had a paper shredder that sat on top of a trash can. Worked fine for a long time (during which we were keeping far more paperwork than we needed), but recently, as I used it more, it began jamming regularly. I’d get out the tweezers and pick bits of shredded paper out of the mechanism until it started running again.

Recently, when Paul once again found me hunched over the shredder with a pair of tweezers, he commented that it was not worth my time to fuss over this cheap little machine for which he’d paid very little a long time ago. Why not get a new one? Talk about an Aha! moment. I ordered a new shredder that night. (That’s one of a few items incoming this month.)

With the new shredder, 21 old bank/401k statements became confetti in about as many seconds. And it’s quiet… doesn’t scare the cats like the old one did!


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