Game Days 8-14

October 15, 2013 § 1 Comment

Another week down; another 77 items out the door.
That’s 8+9+10+11+12+13+14, per the rules of the game. So far, this has been fairly simple, which is an indication that I still have lots of unstuffing to do.

Day 8: Old pillows
day8We just don’t need so many old pillows in the guest bedroom. I was trying to find some way to recycle them, but it seems that old pillows are just trash.

Day 9: Dead Christmas lights
day9Yes, there really are nine strands of dead Christmas lights in that tangle. They’ll be recycled as soon as “the season” starts.

Day 10: Old summer clothes
day10Five t-shirts, two tanks, one blouse, two pairs of linen pants. Downgraded at the end of this summer from “maybe fit for gardening” to “fit for nothing.”

Day 11: Little (mostly) blank books
day11Journals. Sketchbooks. A tiny address book (don’t even know where that came from). Some I bought, and some were given to me. I’ve had a lot of little books with 5-10 pages of writing and/or sketching and then I quit. But not these books! I’m passing them on, hoping that someone else might actually fill them up.

Day 12: Outdated toiletries
day12I buy a new lotion, or maybe someone gives it to me. I try the product, and I don’t like it. Maybe it smells funny (I prefer fragrance-free or very light scents), or I don’t like the way it feels on my skin. So it goes in the cabinet with the other rejects. But why? Why do I keep these things, some well beyond the period when they’re good? Out they go.

Day 13: More socks
day13Shortly after the Day 7 purge of mostly white socks, I went back to my sock drawer. Still 29 pairs, most of which I haven’t worn in ages! (Those knee-highs in the front, with the photographs of cats on them? They were a gift, years ago. I’ve worn them once.) These socks go. Miss Maisie gets to stay.

Day 14: Wire hangers
day14I try to keep these things from multiplying in my closet, but sometimes they get away from me. I thought I’d have at least 14; turns out I had 28. Buh-bye.


§ One Response to Game Days 8-14

  • Allison Mugnier says:

    We have some Eucerin lotion that we use when everything else runs out. It’s quite effective, but it smells like glue!

    I’ve moved often enough that I don’t have a lot of excess stuff — except for books. I got rid of 20 boxes of books two moves ago, but still have 60-80 boxes, all in storage for now. I really need to cull those.

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