Game Days 4-7

October 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

The simplest way to play this game would be to gather up the first X items (where X = day of the month) that I could put my hands on that I wanted to discard. And that may be what I do toward the end of the month, but so far, with only a few items per day, I’ve had a daily theme.

Day 4: Picture frames (wall)
It probably won’t surprise anyone to hear that I’m picky about picture frames. Most of the framed art we have is in black metal frames, except for the pieces that are in black wooden frames. (Sometimes there’s a little bit of gilding.) Anyway, these frames either don’t fit my style, or I don’t have anything that fits in them, so they’re going.

Day 5: Picture frames (freestanding)
I no longer want small photos in small frames. Maybe it’s my aging eyes.

Day 6: Shoes
L to R, top to bottom: worn-out Keds; boots I’ve had since grad school that no longer fit; black Munroes that are too narrow; red and black Stuart Weitzmans that are too short; flip-flops I’ve had for 20 years; red flats that aren’t comfortable.

Day 7: Socks
When I started walking 10,000+/- steps a day back in January, I discovered that the socks I had didn’t fit well enough for that much movement. First I got blisters, and then I got a couple pairs of wool socks. They made my feet feel so much better that I bought a couple more pair in different thicknesses and lengths. And when the weather warmed up, I bought super-short ultralight wool socks. At this point, I’m sold; I rarely wear socks that aren’t wool. I definitely have no need for the white cotton (blend) socks I used to wear with sneakers. So out they go: five pairs of white socks plus an orphan, and one oddball pair of black socks.

At the end of this first week of October, I’ve gotten rid of 28 things.


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