Minimalism Game ON

October 3, 2013 § 1 Comment

I’ve been quiet around here for almost a year.
I’ve gotten rid of some stuff in the past few months, but not nearly enough. Instead, I’ve been dealing with stressful life events. Something that I discovered while facing with these stressful life events is that I’ve had even more of an urge to be rid of things, but I’ve also felt a bit paralyzed. So the idea of playing a Minimalism GAME (with other people!) to get rid of stuff was appealing. Here’s the way it goes: On the first day of the month, get rid of one thing. On the second, two things. You can see where this is going, right? Day of month = number of things to discard that day. For a 31-day month like October, that’s a total of 496 items leaving the house. Wheee! This is going to be fun. Do you want to play, too?

Here’s what I got rid of the first three days.

Day 1: Broken 50mm lens
day1When I knocked my first Canon DSLR camera off a low table (at the 2008 precinct caucus at our local elementary school), it fell directly onto this little “nifty fifty” 50mm lens. A more expensive lens might have survived the 18″ fall, but this plastic lens cracked and jammed into the camera mounting. I had to have it removed by a professional, who returned it to me looking like this. (The camera was fine for another couple of years.) Why have I kept this thoroughly busted lens for ALMOST 5 YEARS? I don’t know… but it’s gone now. (Box and instructions recycled.)

Day 2: Canon Rebel camera and kit lens
day2Someone else knocked my second DSLR off a table at a conference. The lens (a replacement 50mm) was unharmed, and I didn’t realize that the camera had been damaged until a couple of weeks later, when I couldn’t download photos to my computer. A thorough check revealed that the fitting for the cable was busted, and that the pop-up flash no longer popped up (I never used it anyway). I got a separate flash card reader so that I could get photos out of the camera, and continued to use it for a couple of years. I have a new, fully functional camera now, so it was time to pass this one on, along with the rarely-used lens that came with my first DSLR. While scanning our local freecycle listings a couple of days ago, I found a listing that read: WANTED: DSLR camera, any type. Daniel’s a student studying graphic design, hoping to find a camera to use for a digital mixed media class. Seemed like a perfect fit. He picked up the camera and lens from our porch yesterday.

I love freecycle.

Day 3: Phones and answering machine
day3We had this answering machine when we lived in the Bay Area, over 14 years ago. We used it for a couple of years in Seattle before switching to a voice mail system. It’s been on a shelf in the basement for a decade. The phones are obviously of a more recent vintage, but one of our cats chewed off the ends of their stubby antenni, and they’d ceased to charge reliably, so we replaced them. Their cables and charging bases go with them, but I don’t count those as separate items.


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