On embarrassing situations

October 31, 2012 § 2 Comments

“Your help will be needed in an embarrassing situation.”

That’s the fortune I found at the bottom of my dresser’s top left drawer, underneath way too much other stuff. I don’t remember getting that fortune, or deciding to keep it, but there it was. And it seemed somehow fitting after my post about all those paint cans, and how embarrassed I felt about having wasted so much paint.

One side effect of having this blog is that my embarrassment about all the extra stuff we have has decreased. After all, I’ve shown ‘before’ pictures of our dining room and office at their most cluttered. Or maybe my tolerance for feeling embarrassed has increased. At any rate, I’m willing to open the doors – and drawers – in our house and point my camera at the mess. It keeps me honest. And if what I’m doing helps anyone else look at their stuff a little differently, I’m thrilled.

But back to that top left dresser drawer. Here’s what I saw when I opened it.

And here are the drawer’s contents when I emptied them out onto the top of the dresser. Yikes! (The fortune is near the bottom, in between the twist tie and the pile of gold origami stars.)

Do you want to know what was in the drawer? (I won’t be offended if you say no.)

These things belong in the dresser:

  • lavender sachet
  • earmuffs
  • black tights
  • extra button and thread from clothing purchases
  • spool of black thread
  • 2 safety pins

These do not belong in the dresser, but will find a new place in our house (at least for now):

  • silk pillow cover brought back from Dharamsala by a friend (needs a pillow)
  • Frank Lloyd Wright pattern picture frame (needs a picture)
  • CD of old family movies
  • set of 4 small sketchbooks
  • 3 red pencils
  • 3 pens
  • 3 paper clips
  • 4 binder clip
  • birthday, valentines, and anniversary cards from Paul (circa 2008)
  • 2 handmade gift certificates from my parents from Christmas 2005
  • 3 photos of my sister and her family
  • 2 50th birthday cards from friends (they have funny soundtracks that still make me laugh)
  • lavender dryer bag
  • mesh bag for washing ‘delicates’
  • 2 small screwdrivers (1 flat, 1 phillips)
  • handful of random screws in a plastic container
  • 60-watt light bulb
  • travel hair dryer
  • strap that hooks small bag onto larger suitcase
  • lens filter case
  • lens cap
  • tiny tabletop tripod
  • camera case
  • 2 manuals and 3 CDs for Canon Rebel XT
  • computer cable of some sort
  • ceramic bell
  • Christmas ornament
  • muslin drawstring bag
  • 4 pieces of ribbon
  • lime green cleaning cloth (left behind by housecleaners)
  • sponge used for removing cat hair from furniture
  • gold paper star full of tiny origami stars
  • kazoo
  • cardboard handle (for carrying boxes wrapped in string)
  • several coins

These items will be freecycled or donated (9):

  • 6’ of 1/2” wide white rabbit fur
  • 2 wooden “magic wands” (from a Harry Potter book release party at Queen Anne Books)
  • 3 old hooks removed from my closet wall
  • neoprene cat mask
  • pair of sunglasses
  • votive candle

And these are trash/recycling (31):

  • small plastic drugstore bag
  • advertising refrigerator magnet
  • empty hand sanitizer bottle
  • 2003 rabies vaccination tag for one of the cats
  • expired credit card (never signed or used)
  • fabric glasses case (glasses long gone)
  • small scrap of fabric
  • twist tie
  • luggage tag from Houston violin shop where I bought my violin in 1992
  • Fran’s Chocolates bag with bit of tinsel ribbon
  • Ricola cough drop (who knows how old it is)
  • 20+ random papers – receipts, vet bills for Lyra, sheet music, agenda for 2008 district caucus (including letter from Barack Obama), business cards

That’s 40 items leaving the house from just one drawer.


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