Hauled away

September 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

There are some things that you (by which I mean I) keep because you think you might possibly find some use for them. But you don’t. These are things that you can’t donate or freecycle. They really are just trash or recycling, but they’re too much to put in your city bin for weekly pickup.

In Seattle, you can either put that stuff in your vehicle and take it to one of the city transfer stations, our you can take the easier, costlier route and call a hauling company. A good hauling company will take almost anything, and will recycle everything that they can.

Last week, I called a hauling company to take away some stuff from our garage, yard and basement. George and Cassandra arrived when they said they would, and quickly loaded up this stuff:

  • 4 dead 4′ fluorescent light fixtures
  • 2 burnt-out 4′ fluorescent tubes
  • bag of portland cement (left by previous homeowner, got wet and turned into something akin to concrete)
  • part of a tricycle (left by previous homeowner; Paul scavenged back two wheels for our chicken tractor)
  • old foot locker
  • old metal cabinet (left by previous homeowner, rusted and falling apart)
  • old window sash (no glass)
  • dead shop-vac (left, almost dead, by previous homeowner)
  • old wall-hung porcelain lavatory (removed during remodel, no luck freecycling)
  • 2 old, damaged doors (removed during remodel)
  • damaged cork bulletin board
  • bent, rusted cookie sheet
  • broken down mechanic’s creeper (left by previous homeowner)
  • 8 rotting 2x10s from old raised beds
  • 5 short pieces of 4×4 and 2×4
  • 4 split/leaking garden hoses
  • 5 broken plastic pots
  • 2 political yard signs (circa 2008)

They also took all of the dried out paint cans that I had ready to go.

When they were gone, everything looked so much better! It’s satisfying to see such a large change happen so quickly.


§ One Response to Hauled away

  • you must be so much younger than i — my list of treasured-garbage runs to twenty single-spaced pages, with many line items of far more problematic worth. for example, there’s this pair of antique rocking chairs, inherited twenty years ago when my grandmother died: they need reupholstering and refinishing, and they need some collector who appreciates ugly but ancient furniture. theoretically the chairs are worth thousands of dollars, since they sure are old… so i can’t just use them for firewood. instead, i’m stuck with two useless, hideous, space-consuming objects, which almost certainly will end up being u-hauled away when my wife and i are dead.

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