To boldly go away

August 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Paul reads science fiction the way that I read mysteries...

… which is to say voraciously, and from a young age. He remembers the first sci-fi books that he read in elementary school: Lester Del Rey’s The Runaway Robot, Robert Heinlein’s Red Planet and Podkayne of Mars. Many others followed.

(This is the man who told me, a few months before we moved in together, that it was hard for him to imagine living with someone who hadn’t read JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. I hadn’t. Though I knew he didn’t mean that as a requirement, I bought the trilogy — and The Hobbit, too — and read them all before Paul arrived in Texas to help me move to California. And I enjoyed them thoroughly.)

I’ve finally cataloged almost all of our paperbacks. (I’m using Delicious Library 2, which scans the bar codes on books via my laptop’s camera, or allows me to manually enter data for older ones). We have over 300 science fiction books. (We had about the same number of mysteries before I reduced their number by more than 200.) I asked Paul to review the science fiction list; he was willing to let go of about a third of them. A great start! I’m hoping he’ll decide someday that he’s willing to reduce that number further.

(For the record, I read science fiction and Paul reads mysteries. I’ve read close to half of the sci-fi in our library, and Paul probably a quarter of the mysteries. We each have a pretty good sense of what the other will like, and recommend accordingly. But when it comes to getting rid of books, we each sort through what we bought, hence my mysteries and Paul’s science fiction.)

Since last we talked about books (back in April), I’ve developed quite the library habit. Sometimes I check out more books that I have time to read… but that’s better than buying books that I don’t read. In the past few months, I’ve bought three e-books and one paper book (written by someone I know). I’m happy with that ratio of books out to books in.

And I’m pretty sure that, by the end of the year, all of the books we still have will fit comfortably on our bookshelves.

Here’s the list of 101 science fiction and fantasy books going away:

Jim Aikin, Wall at the Edge of the World
Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason, Virtual Destruction
Poul Anderson, The Boat of A Million Years
Catherine Asaro, Ascendant Sun
Catherine Asaro, Spherical Harmonic
Catherine Asaro, The Ruby Dice
Greg Bear, Darwin’s Radio
Greg Bear, Dinosaur Summer
Greg Bear, Eon
Greg Bear, Eternity
Greg Bear, Foundation and Chaos
Greg Bear, Moving Mars
Greg Bear, Queen of Angels
James P. Blaylock, Paper Grail
James P. Blaylock, Lord Kelvin’s Machine
James P. Blaylock, All The Bells on Earth
James P. Blaylock, Winter Tides
Ben Bova, Voyagers
Ben Bova, Jupiter
Jim Butcher, Storm Front
Jim Butcher, Fool Moon
Orson Scott Card, Wyrms
Jeffrey A. Carver, Eternity’s End
C. J. Cherryh, Foreigner
C. J. Cherryh, The Chanur Saga
Arthur C. Clarke, 2061: Odyssey Three
Julie E. Czerneda, Beholder’s Eye
Julie E. Czerneda and Isaac Szpindel, Revisions
William C. Dietz, Legion of the Damned
William C. Dietz, Runner
William C. Dietz, Logos Run
Richard Dreyfuss and Harry Turtledove, Two Georges
Terry England, Rewind
Eric Flint, 1632
Eric Flint, David Weber and James Baen, 1633
Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis, 1634: The Galileo Affair
Michael Flynn, In the Country of the Blind
John Kenneth Galbraith, A Short History of Financial Euphoria
William Gibson, Neuromancer
William Gibson, The Difference Engine
William Gibson, Virtual Light
Roland J Green, Voyage To Eneh
Charles Ingrid, Radius of Doubt & Path of Fire
Charles Ingrid, The Downfall Matrix & Soulfire
Kay Kenyon, Tropic of Creation
William Kotzwinkle and Melissa Mathison, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Paul Levinson, Borrowed Tides
Charles de Lint, The Little Country
Charles de Lint, Spiritwalk
Charles De Lint, Dreams Underfoot
Charles De Lint, Jack of Kinrowan
James Lovegrove, The Age of Odin
Ken MacLeod, The Cassini Division
Ken MacLeod, The Stone Canal
Ken MacLeod, Cosmonaut Keep
Susan R. Matthews, Angel of Destruction
Maxine McArthur, Time Future
Maxine McArthur, Time Past
Wil McCarthy, Murder in the Solid State
Sean McMullen, Souls in the Great Machine
Sean McMullen, The Miocene Arrow
Robert A. Metzger, Cusp
Larry Niven, Ringworld
Larry Niven, The Patchwork Girl
Larry Niven, The Ringworld Engineers
Larry Niven, The Ringworld Throne
Larry Niven, Destiny’s Road
Larry Niven and Steven Barnes, Dream Park
Larry Niven and Steven Barnes, Saturn’s Race
Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, Oath of Fealty
Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes, Legacy of Heorot
Rachel Pollack, Temporary Agency
Susan Price, The Sterkarm Handshake
Alastair Reynolds, Revelation Space
John Ringo, When the Devil Dances
Spider Robinson, The Free Lunch
Pamela Sargent, Climb the Wind
Kristine Smith, Contact Imminent
James Stoddard, The High House
Harry Turtledove, The Center Cannot Hold
Harry Turtledove, Ruled Britannia
Harry Turtledove,  The Victorious Opposition
Paula Volsky, The Grand Ellipse
David Weber, At All Costs
David Weber, Echoes of Honor
David Weber, Field of Dishonor
David Weber, Flag in Exile
David Weber, Honor Among Enemies
David Weber, On Basilisk Station
David Weber, A Short Victorious War
David Weber, War of Honor
David Weber and Steve White, In Death Ground
David Weber, Steve White, and James Baen, The Shiva Option
K.D. Wentworth, Stars Over Stars
Robert Charles Wilson, The Chronoliths
Timothy Zahn, Conquerors’ Legacy
Timothy Zahn, The Icarus Hunt
Timothy Zahn, Odd Girl Out
Sarah Zettel, Kingdom of Cages
Sarah Zettel, Playing God
Sarah Zettel, The Quiet Invasion
Sarah Zettel, Reclamation

I took another pass at our mysteries (including hardcovers and a previously missed shelf), and have another 21 books going out the door:

Alice Blanchard, Darkness Peering
Dan Brown, The DaVinci Code
Robert Crais, Demolition Angel
Barbara Hambly, Wet Grave
Peter Hoeg, Smilla’s Sense of Snow
Laurie R. King, Justice Hall
Laurie R. King, The Art of Detection
Val McDermid, A Place of Execution
Judy Mercer, Blind Spot
Anne Perry, Slaves of Obsession
Thomas Perry, Shadow Woman
Thomas Perry, The Face-Changers
S. J. Rozan, Winter and Night
Lisa Scottoline, Courting Trouble
Alexander McCall Smith, The Kalahari Typing School for Men
Alexander McCall Smith, In the Company of Cheerful Ladies
Alexander McCall Smith, The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
Alexander McCall Smith, The Miracle at Speedy Motors
Alexander McCall Smith, Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
Charles Todd, Legacy of the Dead
Stephen White, The Program


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