To the curb

May 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today was Give Your Stuff Away Day.

It’s the brainchild of New Yorker Mike Morone, who hopes to make it the world’s largest recycling event, but for me, it was just a little push to get some more stuff out of the house. This time, rather than taking stuff to a donation center, I just moved it out to the curb, with a big sign reading, “Take me, I’m FREE!”

Here’s what I put out for folks to take:

  • a folding shoji-ish screen (slightly clawed by my first cat, Samantha)
  • our old kitchen pendant light fixture
  • three ceiling light fixtures (samples from one of my projects)
  • swing-arm drafting lamp (because three are plenty)
  • large wicker basked with handle
  • a set of wire grid storage cubes
  • an old sample case
  • a Vista Workhorse one-speed bicycle
  • several plastic and metal shelf and paper organizers
  • the last cabinet from our old kitchen (a set of drawers that we thought we might use in the basement)

One couple walked by shortly after I put the first items out. They stopped and examined the screen, noticed the damage, but decided to take it anyway. They also took the old green metal pendant light that was in our kitchen when we bought the house.

The basket disappeared while I was cleaning up the bicycle. After Paul pumped up its tires, I moved it to the curb. Scant seconds later, another couple pulled up in their car. They asked if everything was really free, and I told them to help themselves. They packed up the wire storage cubes – saying that they already had some matching ones – and the sample case. Then he hopped on the bicycle and rode it partway down the block. He gave a thumbs up, and she followed him off in their car.


Anything that’s not gone by tomorrow (yes, I am leaving it out tonight) will go either to the Big Blue Truck that parks down the street on weekends, or to some friends’ garage sale next weekend. It’s certainly not coming back into the house!

Update: This morning, several more items were gone… including the old card table on which I’d placed some of the smaller stuff. Everything that had been on the table was neatly arranged on the grass, and the sign – previously taped to the edge of the table – was wedged between a couple of items so that it was still visible from the street. Nice.


§ One Response to To the curb

  • Roger says:

    We’ve done this with the occasional large item/furniture, but not for general de-cluttering. On trash-collection eve, pickup trucks cruise the neighborhood looking for free stuff, so it’s a great way to clear the clutter.

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