031: Unstuffing the office, part 1

January 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Let me introduce you to our home office, AKA storage room #2. Over the past, oh, who knows how long, we’ve let the clutter build up to the point that, as of last Saturday morning, there were no clear horizontal surfaces to be seen (other than some parts of the floor). It’s not much of an office if there’s no useable work space in it.

SO, I cajoled Paul into helping me do some unstuffing. Here’s what we cleared out of the office this weekend:

  • 50 dead pens (from the office that closed almost 6 years ago)
  • 20 colored pencils (Does anyone want some slightly used red, blue and green pencils? Otherwise, I’ll take them to my office.)
  • 50 hanging file folders (we still have at least that many in our three file cabinets)
  • 2 large bags of paper to be recycled
  • 1 bankers box of papers to be shredded
  • 3 cardboard boxes
  • 4-pack of cardboard magazine holders
  • pack of print-your-own business cards
  • keyboard tray
  • plastic paper organizer (ha! as if those work!)
  • 3 three-ring binders
  • Dayrunner organizer
  • 2 small notebooks

We also started a box of e-waste for recycling, but I’m not going to count what’s in that until it’s full.

At the end of the weekend, here’s how our office looked:

Look! There are a few bits of clear horizontal surface (and not just on the floor). There’s still a lot to be done, but at least someone can use one of the desks if they’re so inclined.

And the office is lighter by 136 items.


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