020: Wedding presents

January 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

In May, Paul and I will celebrate our fourteenth wedding anniversary. Fourteen years is a long time to keep stuff that neither of us likes, stuff that we never use. But when the stuff in question is wedding presents, their pure sentimental value can be enough to justify keeping them. It has been up until now. However, sentiment doesn’t figure into the William Morris rule that I’m attempting to follow during this unstuffing process: “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

These wedding presents failed the useful/beautiful test:

  • 2 pewter goblets (from my Morris dance team)
  • silverplate bread basket, three-section glass relish dish and holder and 2 glass candlesticks (from Paul’s aunt)
  • Arthur Court aluminum bread bowl (the only one of these items whose giver I don’t remember… we’d keep it, but we have a similar Nambé bowl that we like better)
  • 4 Limoges dessert plates (from friends who are antiques dealers)
  • Mexican aluminum bunny covered bowl and tray (from one of my mother’s best friends*)
  • 4 Arther Court bunny spreaders (from an ex-boyfriend and his wife**)

That means these things are outta here… as soon as I figure out what to do with them. While I’ve happily dropped off stuff from the past two weeks of decluttering at the big blue truck that parks a few blocks from our place on weekends, I’m somehow reluctant to donate these items as if they were just the usual stuff we’ve aquired. I think that’s the sentimentality talking.

* I am NOT a bunnyware person. I will not speak ill of anyone who likes such things, but I am not fond of small animals on my serving pieces. (No, not even cats or chickens.) My mother tried to explain this to the friend of hers who gave us the bunny bowl and tray, but she was not dissuaded. We have used the bowl (sans bunny lid) and tray once… and that’s more than enough.

**The bunny spreaders were a gag gift, after Kevin asked which of the wedding gifts we’d received was least to our taste. Such a sense of humor! The lovely Nambé bowl that came with the spreader made it clear that they got it. I expect he’d be surprised to know that we’d kept them this long.


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