007: Magazines

January 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

I thought I’d been pretty good about letting go of magazines, until I found a stack of my magazines on a bookshelf that’s mostly Paul’s stuff, and a couple of full magazine files at the back of a closet, and a box in the guest room, and… you get the picture. SO I dragged all most of those magazines (architecture journals, cooking mags and, get this, a few assorted magazines with cover articles on decluttering and organization) down the stairs to this little bookshelf near our front door, which I’ve designated as Unstuffing Central Command for 2012.

Then I went back up to that bookshelf of Paul’s, and pulled out the linear foot of old Consumer Reports that he forbade me to recycle the last time I purged magazines. The newest one was from 2006. You probably can’t buy most of the things that were reviewed in that stack of magazines any more. He agreed that they could go… especially as Consumer Reports now has a good website.

All told, I gathered up 75 magazines, plus five old phone books and a few old notebooks. Let’s call that 85 items for today. As soon as I’d taken this horrid, grainy iPhoto (reminding myself that this is not a photography project) to document the results of this week’s unstuffing, I hauled all of those magazines out to our recycling bin. Gone! Everything else, save for a couple of corkscrews going to a happy new home with Tea, I’ll take to Goodwill tomorrow… and then I’ll start week 2!


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