005: Cocoa and Ratbert and Taz

January 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the shelves in our guest bedroom is filled with stuffed animals. Among the bears, there are several that stand out as best loved: Honky, a soft white teddy bear that several college friends gave me for my 2oth birthday (so named by the only non-white member of the group); Misha (a fuzzy caramel colored guy) and Bearface (brown and white and slouchy soft), the bears who kept Paul company during his first battle with cancer; and Leap, the small black shearling bear I bought for myself when I moved from Texas to California to live with Paul (that was a leap year, and a leap of faith). Those bears are with us for the duration.

And then there are the stuffed animals that haven’t been so well-loved: Taz, who lived on my desk at a former office, and in a box after he moved home; Ratbert, a former desktop pal of Paul’s who has spent several years in our basement; and Cocoa, a cute little fully articulated bear that friends sent with a giant Hershey’s kiss during Paul’s second bout with cancer a few years back. They’re good toys, and they need to find new homes with people who will love them, so we’re letting them go.

(I was going to include my Wiley Coyote hand puppet in this underappreciated toy giveaway, but Paul claimed him, and he’s now hanging out with the other toys on Paul’s desk at work. He’ll have lots of company in that office.)


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