003: Scarves

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Bubba, my maternal grandmother, had a thing for scarves. She adored their patterns and colors, drapes and textures. And she wore them beautifully, elegantly, as she did most things.

After Bubba died, the aunt with whom she had lived let me and my sister choose a few of her scarves. I selected half a dozen of my favorites from her collection. Sixteen years later, I still wear two or three of them occasionally, but there are two that I’ve never worn, and doubt I ever will. They are the sort of commemorative scarves that she particularly liked, one from the 1988 Seoul Olympics (second from the left in the photo), the other from a children’s fundraising event (second from the right). I’ve been keeping them for sentimental reasons. Now I’m going to let them go, hoping that someone else will love and wear them.

I’m also letting go of three other scarves that haven’t made it out of my drawer in years. May they bring someone else pleasure.


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