002: Kitchen tools and gadgets

January 2, 2012 § 4 Comments

Where do all these kitchen tools and gadgets come from? Do they breed and multiply in our kitchen drawers?

Honestly, I know how (almost) everything in our kitchen got there, and no procreation was involved. Some duplicates are the result of combining two fully functional kitchens 16 years ago. Some triplicates were wedding presents, or gifts from relatives. Many of the small unitaskers were in swag bags from food blogging events I’ve attended.

I reorganized our kitchen tool/gadget and knife drawers yesterday, with the help of – I confess – three recently purchased bamboo drawer organizers. Fifty items removed from the drawers didn’t go back in, and are destined for someone else’s kitchen.

Here’s what’s going:

  1. Henkels 8″ chef knife (lost out to the Shun)
  2. Rada utility knife (gift from my grandmother 30 years ago)
  3. Rada slicer knife (ditto)
  4. Rada slicer knife (ditto)
  5. paring knife (least favorite of three)
  6. bread knife (who needs two?)
  7. measuring spoons (one of four sets)
  8. measuring cups (minus the 1/3 cup)
  9. garlic press (who needs two?)
  10. garlic press (who needs one?)
  11. ginger grater
  12. corkscrew
  13. corkscrew
  14. corkscrew (and we still have two)
  15. bottle opener (ditto)
  16. oyster knife
  17. meat thermometer (keeping two)
  18. candy thermometer (don’t need two)
  19. cherry pitter (don’t need three)
  20. apple slicer
  21. pasta server
  22. two unmatched table knives
  23. two unmatched table forks
  24. stainless serving spoon
  25. flatware organizer
  26. drawer organizer
  27. angel cookie mold
  28. heart cookie mold
  29. house cookie mold
  30. cheese knife
  31. tiny bench scraper
  32. cake tester
  33. wine bottle stopper
  34. bag clip (for chips, etc.)
  35. ice sphere (not cube) maker
  36. ice sphere (not cube) maker
  37. corn zipper (I can do better with a knife)
  38. corn peeler (different name, same idea)
  39. apple-shaped cutting board
  40. flexible cutting mat
  41. smiley face turner
  42. ricciolo (cores spiral shapes out of vegetables)
  43. citrus reamer
  44. citrus corer juicer
  45. salad chopper
  46. cupcake corer
  47. cake decorating squeeze bottle w/ basketweave tip
  48. strawberry stemmer
  49. pink vinyl dot table runner
  50. “steak station” digital meat thermometer for multiple steaks

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§ 4 Responses to 002: Kitchen tools and gadgets

  • Paola thomas says:

    I ADORE my smiley face turner for pancakes etc. How can you be so cruel? Also can you start on my utensil drawer next?

    • Kimberly says:


      You’re weakening my resolve about the smiley turner! I’m convinced that it’s easier to declutter someone else’s stuff than one’s own. Is there good stuff in your utensil drawer?

  • tea_austen says:

    A. I LOVE this new blog project. Brilliant.

    B. Can I have one of your corkscrews? (or two). I am always misplacing them and can never find one when I need it.

    C. Can’t wait to see what you declutter next!

    • Kimberly says:


      a) Thanks! Hope I’ll keep loving it.
      b) Of course you may have a corkscrew (or three). As long as the stuff leaves our house, I’m happy to have it go to friends.
      c) Me, too! I don’t yet have much of a plan.

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